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Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary contains tropical evergreen forests typical of the Western Ghats.


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"I feel proud to have from this land and god has gifted such a amazing place.."
Kashinath Patil, Pune

"My passion brings up new creativity which is because of this place.."
Dr. Adwait Aphale, Wild Life photographer

"You must visit this sanctuary at least once in your life, incredible place.."
Harish Kulkarni

"Spend time with nature you will feel better than any other things..."
Dhananjay Joshi

"I always prefer to meet this sanctuary which gives me more happiness than others.. "
Faruk Mhetar

"Nothing better than this place "
Raman Kulkarni

"Just Superb!!! impossible to describe, I think its just one of those things you just mark down as memorable location"
Suhas M. Waingankar

Important Note: Radhanagari sanctuary will be closed during June to October and it will start after 1 November.